High Quality

Chris White Photos uses high-quality automatic exposure bracketing (AEB) to capture all the details in the highlights and shadows of a home. AEB is a technique where multiple shots of the same scene are taken at different exposure levels, then merged together to create a final image with a wider dynamic range. This ensures that no details are lost in the highlights or shadows, resulting in a perfectly exposed image that accurately represents the true colors and textures of the space. With Chris White Photos’ expert use of AEB, every inch of a home is captured in stunning detail, showcasing its full potential to potential buyers or renters.

Hand Blended

Chris White Photos takes great care in creating the best option real estate photos by utilizing hand blending with Photoshop and Lightroom Classic. This involves merging multiple images of the same scene with different exposures, focus points, or lighting conditions to create a final image that is both technically sound and artistically pleasing. Hand blending allows for greater control over the final image, ensuring that all aspects of the photo are properly balanced and no details are lost. By carefully crafting each image with a meticulous attention to detail, Chris White Photos delivers high-quality real estate photos that stand out from the competition and help clients showcase their properties in the best possible light.